Positive Words That Start With S

Updated July 20, 2021
Positive S words examples
    Positive S words examples
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We tend to think of positive words as “feel good” words to be shared between family and friends. But we can use them in nearly every interaction, including our professional ones. Take a sojourn through a long list of positive words that start with S, and see how many you can sprinkle throughout your daily interactions!

Short and Sweet Positive S-Words

Adding some short, serene words that start with S to your writing can feel like a satisfying salve. Read through these positive words that start with S and contain fewer than seven letters.




safe (adj.)

free from risk, danger, harm, or damage

guarded, immune, untouched

saint (n.)

a person who does good in the world by helping others

philanthropist, good Samaritan, angel

salve (n.)

an ointment used to heal or soothe a wound

balm, cream, emollient

sate (v.)

to fully satisfy

quench, satiate, gratify

sauna (n.)

a small heated room to relax in

steam room, spa, steambath

savant (n.)

a very knowledgeable or skilled person

scholar, guru, genius

save (v.)

to store up money or goods

accumulate, amass, conserve

savior (v.)

God or Jesus in the Christian religion

protector, comforter, redeemer

savor (v.)

to delight in, enjoy

experience, relish, taste

savory (adj.)

appetizing with a salty flavor

delicious, tasty, flavorful

savvy (adj.)

perceptive or knowledge about a situation

shrewd, wise, canny

scenic (adj.)

having beautiful views

panoramic, picturesque, spectacular

secure (adj.)

something that is fastened tightly

assured, immovable, stable

serene (adj.)

calm; untroubled

composed, impassive, unruffled

share (v.)

to allow someone else to use something that belongs to you

allot, dispense, distribute

shield (v.)

to protect from harm

defend, guard, preserve

shine (v.)

to stand out due to excellence

dazzle, flash, gleam

silky (adj.)

very smooth; like satin

elegant, fine, glossy

sleek (adj.)

someone or something that is smooth, glossy, or well-groomed

attractive, chic, glistening

smart (adj.)

clever and intelligent

bright, witty, knowledgeable

smile (v.)

to make an expression of happiness on your face

grin, smirk, simper

smooth (adj.)

even and regular, without wrinkles

soft, polished, flat

social (adj.)

good at making conversation and entertaining others

agreeable, polite, cordial

soft (adj.)gentle to the touchsmooth, velvety, delicate

soften (v.)

to calm, soothe

abate, assuage, temper

solace (n.)

comfort; peace

calm, consolation, relaxation

spa (n.)

a therapeutic resort designed to restore health

health club, resort, jacuzzi

spark (v.)

an intense or lively feeling

flash, flicker, glint

suave (adj.)

very charming and confident

debonair, classy, polished

sunny (adj.)

bright and cheerful

shining, genial, pleasant

super (adj.)

above average, great

excellent, wonderful, first-rate

superb (adj.)

excellent; first-rate

exquisite, glorious, splendid

sweet (adj.)

lovable and pleasing

kind, friendly, delightful

Longer Positive Words That Start With O

Whether you’re looking for snuggles or sparkles, you’ll find the positive S words you’re looking for here. Enjoy these scintillating words along with definitions and synonyms.




sacrosanct (adj.)

extremely special or holy

sacred, reverent, inviolable

safety (n.)freedom from dangerrefuge, sanctuary, immunity

sagacity (n.)

the state of being very wise and having sound judgment

wisdom, prudence, sapience

saintly (adj.)

morally good; righteous

angelic, divine, virtuous

salient (adj.)

noticeable or remarkable

striking, prominent, notable

salubrious (adj.)

something healthy or pleasant

beneficial, curative, wholesome

salvage (v.)

to save, rescue

reclaim, recover, restore

salvation (n.)

the act of being saved from danger

redemption, rescue, preservation

sanctify (v.)

to make something holy

anoint, bless, consecrate

sanction (v.)

to approve something

authorize, institute, legitimize

sanguine (adj.)


cheerful, enthusiastic, expectant

satiate (v.)

to provide enough or more than enough

satisfy, sate, fill

sapient (adj.)

wise, all-knowing

discerning, knowledgeable, sagacious

satisfying (adj.)

to fill a need or want

pleasing, gratifying, pleasurable

satisfaction (n.)

getting what you wanted or desired

complacency, gratification, fulfillment

scintillating (adj.)

something fascinating or brilliantly clever

animated, dazzling, lively

sculptural (adj.)

of or pertaining to a form or figure molded out of clay or other materials

casting, carving, model

security (n.)

the state of being protected from danger

sanctuary, guard, protection

sedulous (adj.)


persistent, diligent, assiduous

self-assured (adj.)

having confidence in yourself

calm, composed, unabashed

selfless (adj.)

putting others’ needs ahead of your own

altruistic, unselfish, sacrificial

sensational (adj.)

something that causes a lot of excitement among the public

dramatic, electrifying, thrilling

sensitive (adj.)

in touch with one’s emotions

compassionate, thoughtful, perceptive

serendipity (n.)

when someone accidentally finds something good

happenstance, blessing, luck

serenity (n.)

the state of being perfectly calm with no worries

bliss, tranquility, calmness

shelter (n.)

a structure that provides cover or protection

refuge, harbor, haven

shimmer (v.)

to shine softly

flash, flicker, gleam

significant (adj.)

having meaning, influence, or importance

compelling, consequential, valid

simplify (v.)

to make something easier or less complicated

clarify, expound, reduce

sincere (adj.)

true or honest

aboveboard, authentic, candid

sincerity (n.)

the quality of being honest, true, and real

candor, frankness, goodwill

skilled (adj.)having high ability in an areaadroit, expert, proficient

snuggle (v.)

to move into a warm position and cuddle

hug, nestle, nuzzle

sociable (adj.)

someone who is friendly and welcoming

affable, agreeable, chummy

sonorous (adj.)

creating a deep sound with rich quality

resonant, resounding, vibrant

solidarity (n.)

a united purpose or feeling

togetherness, unity, brotherhood

soothing (adj.)

providing relief

appeasing, calming, placative

soulful (adj.)

showing deep feeling

emotional, profound, sensitive

soulmate (n.)

a very compatible match for another person

true love, kindred spirit, confidant

sparkle (v.)

to glitter, shine

gleam, glitter, twinkle

special (adj.)

something superior, great, or unique

chief, choice, remarkable

spectacular (adj.)

something noticeable or dramatic

amazing, dazzling, miraculous

spellbinding (adj.)

completely attention-grabbing, as if by magic

enthralling, enrapturing, engrossing

sprightly (adj.)

full of energy and spirit

airy, alive, zestful

sprinkle (v.)

to scatter, disseminate

dabble, dot, speckle

steadfast (adj.)

fixed, firm, and staying strong

ardent, constant, unyielding

striking (adj.)

very attractive; making a good impression

impressive, eye-catching, noticeable

succeed (v.)

to accomplish a goal

achieve, attain, triumph

successful (adj.)

having accomplished a goal

triumphant, victorious, prosperous

sumptuous (adj.)

very luxurious and enjoyable

lavish, splendid, magnificent

superior (adj.)

better than or above all others

outstanding, best, finest

support (v.)

to provide comfort, encouragement, or assistance to someone

help, bolster, aid

supportive (adj.)

providing emotional assistance

encouraging, empathetic, kind

sympathetic (adj.)

understanding what another person is going through

compassionate, supportive, considerate


Super Scenarios for Positive S-Words

Many of these S-words are perfect to use in resumes or cover letters. You could include phrases like “support Senior Vice President in fundraising activities,” or “superb public speaking skills.” Actions words demonstrate your strengths and provide an opportunity to highlight your accomplishments.

For the same reason, positive words are also important when it’s time to write a cover letter that stands out. As you strengthen your opening line and solidify your skills, several of the above S-words can help you succeed.

Example Sentences With Positive S-Words

Here are ten of the above S-words hard at work in sentence form:

  1. His father’s saintly disposition inspired me to live a quieter life.
  2. Her lifestyle change has been completely salubrious.
  3. Making such improvements has made her feel sanguine again.
  4. If we’re going out for tacos, I intend to savor every bite.
  5. This is one of the most scenic areas in the country.
  6. This new novel is so scintillating, I can’t put it down.
  7. Everyone hopes to be as self-assured as she is.
  8. The twinkle lights on the front porch shimmer in the evening light.
  9. They shine during the day, too.
  10. He admires her with pure and steadfast love.

Start Studying Soon

The best way to boost our vocabulary is through reading, but scanning a few word lists never hurt a soul. Check out a list of adjectives that start with S, as well as a super list of nouns that start with S. Visit WordFinder by YourDictionary for a superb list of words that start with S.