Sentence Examples

  • The relaxed, elegant atmosphere adds to the feeling of serenity inside the cabin.
  • Dreamy and precise, the music and sound of Serenity provide the film with exquisite accents, drawing the audience into the experience as the sirens of mythology lured sailors into the depths with their songs.
  • If you've not seen a single episode of Firefly, honestly - you're missing out, but not to worry because Whedon has written Serenity to give enough of the show's background for non-fans to be able to follow his story.
  • At the end of the film, the newly repaired Serenity was seen flying off into space just before a piece of metal rippe loose from the back and hit the camera - maintaining the image of the flying hunk of junk.
  • Talk of a trilogy has been overheard, but the reality of such a gift to Firefly fans must be looked at realistically: Serenity went to DVD just a few months after its release into theaters, but who knows?