Sentence Examples

  • While there are various definitions of soulmates most have one thing in a common: with a soulmate you are connected together so deeply that you have a natural affinity for each other, including love, intimacy, and compatibility.
  • This is a different kind of dating service, because usually it's less about going through a huge list of potential candidates and instead working on turning yourself into the kind of person your soulmate would want to be with.
  • Casting a wide net might help you connect with more people and have a better chance of finding your soulmate, instead of hoping that Mr. or Ms. Right will find the way to the one site you're paying for.
  • Your soulmate might not look the way you expect or might surprise or challenge you in other ways, but you can't help but fall in love together.
  • Most people don't meet their soulmate when they're young, but instead when they've reached a level of maturity within themselves.

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