Sentence Examples

  • It made perfect sense to start a company sending pajamas - if you're sending friends and family something to snuggle, why not also send them the perfect snuggling outfit?
  • You may decide to keep wearing your short pajamas year-round instead of only in the summer…you'll just have to snuggle up to someone to stay warm.
  • Other frustrations: we're just too darn busy, but how do we make a living, get dinner on the table, do the laundry, snuggle with our kids, and maintain a friendship, let alone a marriage, and not be busy?!
  • Well, if you want your child to learn the ins and outs of taking care of an animal, including feeding and cleaning up after it, and you want to watch him or her snuggle with a warm, furry body, then you're out of luck.
  • Whether they choose to snuggle up and listen to a short story or hear it aloud and then act it out, there are many ways for parents to engage in audio books and support their kids in listening to them.