Sentence Examples

  • Thus, there were Ninja Turtles; mini Snuggies with leg warmers, giving them a 1980s look; graduation gowns (which isn't too far a stretch); geishas; and a disturbingly accurate male Princess Leia from the original movie.
  • The very fact that Snuggies and the commercials for them have been parodied, and the parodies are viral hits, shows just how prominent a cultural phenomenon they are.
  • The bold red Snuggie is definitely made for heading out on the town with its big pockets (and in fact, Snuggies are becoming popular for pub crawls).
  • Kids' Snuggies, or "Snuglets", are especially ideal for kids because they allow total freedom of movement while still being wrapped in a blanket.
  • The show featured Snuggies for adults, kids and dogs and seemed to be much enjoyed by those who kept their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

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