Sentence Examples

  • Some of the other contacts in the FreshLook line enhance the natural eye color and add a shimmer or spark to cause the eyes to be more noticeable, but Vibrant Views takes an entirely different tack.
  • As a middle shade for the mixer, try using something with an orange shade (that's right, I said orange...give it a try) mixed with a warm gold tone, maybe with a slight shimmer, it will give your eyes life and brighten them up.
  • For a simple, natural eye shadow look, you'll need one neutral eye shadow color (about two shades darker than your skin tone) and another shadow that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone that has a slight shimmer.
  • With an array of colors that blend easily, have a gorgeous shimmer and last for hours on end, these loose eye shadows are perfect for creating simplistic daytime looks or bold and dramatic eye looks for formal evening wear.
  • Thematic elements may be incorporated into the ye makeup looks, such as heavy silver-toned glitter and shimmer shades for a winter show, or rich plum or mauve shades to create sultry eyes for a spicy sexy feel.