Sentence Examples

  • This smelled sweeter, like nectar.
  • If only a man " hath the Lord in his heart," he " shall know that there is nothing easier nor sweeter nor gentler than these mandates " (Mand.
  • 11) it is to give men gentler and sweeter thoughts of it, nit to inculcate the doctrine of an intermediate state as an unconscious condition.
  • 239) made to declare: "Just as the great ocean has one taste only, the taste of salt, just so have this doctrine and discipline but one flavour only, the flavour of emancipation"; and again, "When a brother has, by himself, known and realized, and continues to abide, here in this visible world, in that emancipation of mind, in that emancipation of heart, which is Arahatship; that is a condition higher still and sweeter still, for the sake of which the brethren lead the religious life under me."
  • When maize is sown broadcast or closely planted in drills the ears may not develop at all, but the stalk is richer in sugar and sweeter; and this is the basis of growing " corn-fodder."

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