Sentence Examples

  • Sweets usually made her thirstier - but it was wet.
  • They are: (I) Arabs from Tripoli, who export ostrich feathers, skins and ivory, and bring in burnouses, scents, sweets, tea, sugar, &c.; (2) Salaga merchants who import kola nuts from the hinterland of the Guinea Coast, taking in exchange cloth and live stock and leather and other goods; (3) the Asbenawa traders, who come from the oases of Asben or Air with camels laden with salt and "potash" (i.e.
  • Of Cromwell he wrote: "Courageous, clever, deceitful, dissimulating, his early principles of lofty republicanism yielded to the devouring flames of his ambition; and, having tasted the sweets of power, he aspired to the pleasure of reigning alone."
  • Steam is then turned on to the outside of the bags and sheaths, and hot water is run through them to wash out all the sweets they contain.
  • Finally, boiling water is admitted and forces out all the last liquor, and then continues to run and wash out the sweets until only a trace remains.

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