Sentence Examples

  • Yes, spice of life and all.
  • She sipped her drink, surprised to find it really was her favorite, a pumpkin spice latte.
  • An allied but much smaller weaver-finch, a form of the spice-bird (Munia nisoria punctata), is introduced and well distributed over the Hawaiian islands.
  • Succeeding reigns much trouble was caused by jealousies and quarrels between the Greeks and the Jews, to whom Augustus had granted privileges as valuable as those accorded to the Greeks, Aiming at the spice trade, Aelius Gallus, the second prefect of Egypt under Augustus, had made an unsuccessful expedition to conquer Arabia Felix; the valuable Indian trade, however, was secured by Claudius for Egypt at the expense of Arabia, and the Red Sea routes were improved.
  • In 1602 the Dutch routed the Portuguese near Bantam, and opened the road to the Spice Islands.