Sentence Examples

  • For those looking for something smaller, inking Spica can be a great way to give credit to Virgo without tattooing a large part of your body.
  • The constellation's brightest star, Spica, follows the Big Dipper.
  • All that is certainly known about the antiquity of the sieu is that they were well established in the 3rd century B.C. Their initial point at the autumnal equinox marked by Kio (Spica Virginis) suits a still later date; and there is no valid evidence that the modern series resulted from the rectification of an older superannuated arrangement, analogous to the Krittika sequence of nakshatras.
  • Spica, Gazz.
  • The earliest instance of the indulgential privilege conferred on a church is that granted in ic16 by Pontius, archbishop of Arles, to the Benedictine abbey of Montmajour (Mons Major) in Provence (d'Achery, Spica.

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