Sentence Examples

  • You want me to find her a sponsor and bring her in?
  • Swithhelm, the successor of Sigeberht, was on terms of friendship with the East Anglian royal house, King ZEthelwald being his sponsor at his baptism by Cedd.
  • She pretty certainly was the chief cause of his early introduction to good society, the abbe de Chateauneuf (his sponsor in more ways than one) having been her friend.
  • His father, Captain Paul Ignatiev, had been taken into favour by the tsar Nicholas I., owing to his fidelity on the occasion of the military conspiracy in 1825; and the grand duke Alexander (afterwards tsar) stood sponsor at the boy's baptism.
  • The peace was confirmed by the baptism of Kings Anlaf and Reegenald, Edmund standing as sponsor, but in 944 o r 945 the peace was broken and Edmund expelled Anlaf and Rwgenald from Northumbria.