Sentence Examples

  • MORDECAI BEN HILLEL, a German rabbi, who died as a martyr at Nuremberg in 1298.
  • Their work may be said to culminate in the vocalized text which resulted from the labours of Rabbi Aaron ben Asher in the 10th century.
  • By this time the collection of halakhic material had become very large and various, and after several attempts had been made to reduce it to uniformity, a code of oral tradition was finally drawn up in the and century by Judah ha-Nasi, called Rabbi par excellence.
  • It was, therefore, during the reign of Antipas, and partly if not wholly within his territory, that the Gospel was first preached by the rabbi or prophet whom Christendom came to regard as the one true Christ, the Messiah of the Jews.
  • AARON CHORIN (1766-1844), Hungarian rabbi and pioneer of religious reform.

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