Sentence Examples

  • What does d-i-z-y-g-o-t-i-c twins mean?
  • The landing paused at the Y of two long hallways.
  • "We're here about," Groucho checked his notes, "Patsy Boyd, B-O-Y-D, and her daughter.
  • CO 2 R C02R It may also be prepared by heating the anhydride of y-methyloxyglutaric acid with concentrated sulphuric acid, and by oxidation of methyl heptenone and of geraniol.
  • Thus, while on the one hand the various cycles traced and retraced by all nations are similar and y et independent, on the other hand, being actually derived from Roman history, they become converted in the Scienza nuova into a bed of Procrustes, to which the history of all nations has to be fitted by force.

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