Sentence Examples

  • 84, 8.88 and 6.66 standard ohms per statute mile respectively.
  • The sizes of copper wire employed have weights of too, 150, 200 and 400 lb per statute mile, and have electrical resistances (at 60° F.) of 8.782, 5.8 55, 4.39 1 and 2.195 standard ohms respectively.
  • Of to,000 ohms each.
  • Ohms. The Leclanche is of the ordinary type, and each cell has an electromotive force of I 64 volts and a resistance of 3 to 5 ohms (according to the size of the complete cell, of which there are three sizes in use).
  • In diameter, to a total resistance of zoo ohms. The actual current required to work the instrument is 3.3 milliamperes (equivalent approximately to the current given by 1 Daniell cell through 3300 ohms), but in practice a current of to milliamperes is allowed.

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