Sentence Examples

  • Si usted encuentra que usted necesita reordenar, usted puede funcionar en un problema del tiempo por lo que va la entrega, y usted será probablemente extremo para arriba que paga más las tarjetas y las cargas del envío y de dirección.
  • Although every pregnant woman knows another who will swear up and down that their labor was brought on by doing x, y, and z, it really comes down to whether the baby is ready to come out.
  • Preconception gender selection methods you can try with your partner at home are based on creating an environment that favors either the X or the Y sperm and encourages that particular type of sperm to fertilize the egg.
  • When a man carries a premutation on his X chromosome, it tends to be stable and usually will not expand if he passes it on to his daughters (he passes his Y chromosome to his sons).
  • Get a good understanding from the applicant about what they're applying for, what they hope to gain and how they intend to accomplish X or Y, then help them express that directly.