Sentence Examples

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager at XYZ Company; would this objective statement make you want to continue reading the resume, or would it end up in the trash during the screening process?
  • Will you to complete the form based on your experience working with me (complete with appropriate information; for example "at XYZ Company" or "as my academic advisor at ABC University").
  • Side-peripheral-vision is not compromised as it is in some sunglasses due to the XYZ Optics® utilized in Oakley's design-even though the lenses curve around the sides of your face a bit.
  • For instance, users who have a profile tracking software from XYZ Profile Trackers will only be able to view other users who have the same XYZ software.
  • My strong writing, design, and project management skills are exactly what are needed to move the ABC account forward and land the XYZ account.