Positive Words That Start With Y

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Updated July 12, 2021
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Yahoo! It’s time for positive words that begin with Y. Yes, it is exciting. But that is really no reason to yell. Find out yummy, youthful, good words that begin with Y now!

Words Beginning With Y That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

Did you hear the one about the youthful, Yankee yelling in the yard? Well, it’s a bit of a yarn! Instead, jump into positive Y words with five letters or fewer.




yahoo (int.)

expression of enthusiasm, excitement

wahoo, yippee

yang (n.)

positive male force opposite yin

rule, principle

yard (n.)

building grounds

backyard, courtyard

yare (adj.)

characteristic of having speed, agility

nimble, lively

yarn (n.)

legends; implausible story

tale, fable, story

yay (int.)

expression of approval

hooray, huzzah, yeah

yeah (int.)

another form of yes

yes, okay, sure

yearn (v.)

long for something or someone intensely

long, pine, crave, desire

yell (n.)

sharp cry of surprise or delight

shout, scream

yern (adj.)

quick or active

eager, brisk, quick

yes (int.)

affirmative response

sure, okay, yeah

yield (v.)

provide or produce

produce, provide, give

yip (n.)

short cry of delight or excitement

yap, growl, bay

yo (int.)

informal greeting to someone attractive

hey, how you doing

yock (n.)

loud joke or laugh


yodel (v.)

distinctive type of singing

trill, warble, shout

yoga (n.)

system of movement including breathing, meditation and poses

exercise, workout

yoke (n.)

crosspiece that fastens oxen or plow animals

harness, collar, coupling

young (adj.)

having lived for a short time

youthful, inexperienced, budding

yours (pro.)

belonging to you

owned, mine

youth (n.)

period before adulthood

youngster, juvenile

yum (int.)

expression indicating something is delicious

num, mmm, good

yummy (adj.)

having appetizing flavor

scrumptious, appetizing, luscious


Words Beginning With Y That Have 6 or More Letters

It might not be the yin to your yang, but Y words sure are fun. Just so the fun doesn’t end, you can explore some of the yummiest six or more letter Y words now.




Yahweh (n.)

original Hebrew name for God

God, Allah, Father

year-round (adj.)

happening year around

annual, continual

yeehaw (int.)

exuberant expression of enthusiasm

yahoo, wahoo, yippee

yellow (adj.)

a bright color between orange and green

gold, golden, lemon

yeoman (n.)

attendant, servant, or assistant

bodyguard, escort

yesable (adj.)

something that you can agree to


yippee (int.)

expression of happiness or delight

yahoo, wahoo

yokozuna (n.)

grand champion sumo wrestler


yonder (adj.)

far away

distant, beyond, farther

young-at-heart (adj.)

inclined to act young despite age

spry, buoyant

youngling (n.)

a youthful, young person

fledgling, filly, rookie

youthful (adj.)

being or seeming young

spry, vigorous, active

youthfully (adv.)

in manner similar to young people


yummiest (adj.)

most delicious

savoriest, most delectable


Example Sentences Using Positive Y-Words

Yeehaw! That sure was fun. To keep your nice Y words going, see how you can use several nice Y words in a sentence. And don’t worry, “Yo, how you doin?” isn’t included.

  • That is by far the yummiest apple pie I have ever eaten.
  • The house that you are looking for is over yonder.
  • My grandma has always been young-at-heart.
  • How well she yodeled was simply amazing.
  • How her skin stays so youthful, I’ll never know.
  • Yippee! You got the job.
  • My grandfather could spin an exciting yarn.
  • The trees yielded a good amount of apples.
  • I know you’re excited, but you don’t have to yell so loud.
  • They say youth is wasted on the young.

Yo, It’s All About Positivity!

Don’t start yawning just yet! Your journey with Y has just begun. Keep the excitement of the Y going by checking out nouns and adjectives that begin with Y. And if you’ve some youthful younglings, then you might try kids' words with X, Y, Z.