Sentence Examples

  • 1883; Pauly-Wissowa, Realencycloptd"ie, iii.
  • (See further Greece, Ancient History, § 5.) It is well known that Aristotle held slavery to be necessary and natural, and, under just conditions, beneficial to both parties in the relation - views which were correct enough from the ie ws on political side, regard being had to the contemporary v.
  • Ga Rakh Sofia Srule zi C.; Emine B ie C A lC K Sazopolis ?1.
  • - zn +9 1 -z2.1 -z3....1-z8; and since this expression is unaltered by the interchange of n and B we prove Hermite's Law of Reciprocity, which states that the asyzygetic forms of degree 0 for the /t ie are equinumerous with those of degree n for the The degree of the covariant in the variables is e=nO-2w; consequently we are only concerned with positive terms in the developments and (w, 0, n) - (w - r; 0, n) will be negative unless nO It is convenient to enumerate the seminvariants of degree 0 and order e=n0-2w by a generating function; so, in the first written generating function for seminvariants, write z2 for z and az n for a;.
  • +bx 2, every leading coefficient of a simultaneous covariant vanishes by the operation of a+Sib=aoda +alda.2+...+a7,-1d a P+bod b Observe that we may employ the principle of suffix diminution to obtain from any seminvariant one appertaining to a (p-I)i c and a q - I ie, and that suffix augmentation produces a portion of a higher seminvariant, the degree in each case remaining unaltered.

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