Sentence Examples

  • The bird is often spoken of in Latin poetry, and is the subject of an idyll by Claudian.
  • Is occupied by Idyll vii., the " Harvest Feast.
  • The idyll of Sesenheim, as described in Dichtung and Wahrheit, is one of the most beautiful love-stories in the literature of the world.
  • Idyll vii., the Harvest Feast (eaXUVla), is the most important of the bucolic poems. The scene is laid in the isle of Cos.
  • His last published volume contains a series of sonnets of singular beauty, addressed to the river, resembling Wordsworth's "Sonnets to the Duddon," but more perfect in form; and a blank verse idyll, "Ii Pettirosso" ("The Redbreast"), bearing an equally strong, though equally accidental, resemblance to the similar compositions of Coleridge.