Nature Words Vocabulary List: 93 Descriptive Words

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Updated January 12, 2021
List of words that describe nature from the article.
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From over your head to under your feet, nature is all around you. So it makes sense that there are a lot of nature words out there — and we mean a lot.

Words to Describe Types of Nature

Looking for words to describe the nature around you? From the meadow to the desert, you can find words below to describe different types of natural settings.

  • arctic - polar region
  • beach - where water and land meet
  • cave - natural or unnatural chamber underground
  • cliff - rocky edge at the sea or ocean
  • coast - edge of land near sea or ocean
  • countryside - rural land and scenery
  • desert - dry, arid area with little vegetation
  • environment - the area around you like plants, animals, and people
  • field - an open area of land
  • forest - area with lush trees and vegetation
  • hill - an area of land that is slightly raised
  • island - an area of land that is surrounded by water
  • lake - water body surrounded by land
  • land - the Earth’s surface that does not have water on it
  • meadow - a grassy area, typically near a river
  • mountain - a large raised area in the surface of the Earth
  • ocean - vast expansion of saltwater divided into five sections
  • rainforest - a forest that gets high levels of rain
  • river - very long natural stream of water that goes into the sea
  • sea - the saltwater that covers most of the surface of the Earth
  • valley - an area of low land between mountains or hills
  • volcano - mountain or hill with a crater that erupts lava and hot vapor
  • wild - area that is uninhabited
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Words to Describe Things in Nature

Beyond just nature itself, you’ll also find nature words to describe those things living in nature. These might include the soil, grass, or insects singing at night. 

  • animal - living organisms which eat organic matter
  • bird - egg-laying vertebrate with feathers, beak, and wings
  • branch - part of the tree that grows from trunk
  • bush - a clump of shrubs
  • fish - cold-blooded vertebrate with gills
  • flower - part of the plant bearing seeds
  • fungus - a spore-producing group of organisms which feeds on organic matter
  • grass - short plants that grow in yards and pastures
  • insects - small invertebrate animal with over six legs and wings
  • leaf - flattened structure of the plant and where photosynthesis happens
  • moss - flowerless plants without roots that grow in carpets
  • mud - soil that is saturated with water
  • path - area with little vegetation that is good to walk on
  • plants - living organisms that use photosynthesis like trees and flowers
  • pond - a small area of water surrounded by land that forms in an embankment
  • rock - solid minerals that form Earth’s surface
  • sand - loose material that covers some beaches and deserts
  • scenery - natural features of any landscape like trees and flowers
  • shrubs - short, woody plants
  • soil - the outermost layer of the Earth where plants grow
  • trees - woody plants that typically have only one trunk
  • waterfall - a stream of water that falls from a higher area to a lower one
  • wave - body of water which curves as it breaks the shore
  • wildlife - collective word for animals in the wild
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Words for Elements of Nature

Now, it’s time to enjoy the different elements of nature. You might be surprised by how many natural elements you have around you.

  • autumn - season between summer and winter
  • clouds - visible condensed water vapor in the sky
  • Earth - the planet we live on in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • flood - when an area is unnaturally submerged in water
  • ice - frozen water
  • moon - the natural satellite that orbits Earth
  • planet - celestial body with its own motion
  • rain - precipitation that falls from sky in droplets
  • season - the four divisions of the year
  • sky - outer atmosphere of the Earth
  • sleet - a mix of rain and ice
  • snow - frozen water that comes down in flakes
  • spring - the season between winter and summer
  • stars - balls of gas visible in the night sky
  • summer - the season between spring and autumn characterized by warmer weather
  • sun - the large star that heats our planet
  • sunshine - the rays of light and heat that come from the sun
  • temperature - the intensity of heat in the atmosphere or an object
  • winter - the season between autumn and spring characterized by colder weather
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Words that Describe Nature

Adjectives, or descriptive words, help spice up your writing or explain a picture or drawing you've created. Try one of these beautiful words for nature on for size.

  • blooming - flowering, thriving
    • The blooming meadow was flush with orange, pink, and purple wildflowers.
  • brisk - fresh and clear
    • I took a deep breath and felt the brisk forest air fill my lungs.
  • bucolic - describing farmland or rural settings
    • A herd of sheep slowly grazes over the bucolic landscape.
  • captivating - fascinatingly beautiful
    • Angela watched the captivating clouds slide over the bright blue sky.
  • crisp - chilly, fresh
    • The crisp autumn wind whipped through my scarf and past my cheeks.
  • dazzling - splendidly lovely
    • When the sun sets over the lake, its orange light hits the mountains in a dazzling way
  • enchanting - delightful, wonderful to watch
    • Watching the baby ducklings follow their mother to the river was enchanting.
  • ethereal - otherwordly, light
    • The early morning fog gives the lake an ethereal appearance.
  • flourishing - growing well, healthy
    • The rainforest is a flourishing habitat, full of many types of plants, animals, insects, and fungi.
  • glorious - magnificent, worthy of praise
    • The glorious rainbow seemed to stretch across the entire sky.
  • heavenly - very peaceful, ideal
    • Lit by a soft pink glow, the heavenly sunrise warmed the early morning.
  • idyllic - perfectly tranquil
    • Her cottage was located in an idyllic corner of the forest, undisturbed by others and almost completely quiet.
  • lush - with abundant vegetation
    • There were more than fifty types of birds living in the lush oak trees.
  • majestic - grand, full of majesty
    • The majestic mountain range seemed to reach all the way into the clouds.
  • panoramic - with a wide view
    • If you stand at the mountain’s summit, you’ll have a panoramic view of the snowy valley below
  • picturesque - scenic, as if from a photograph
    • The trickling river flowed through the picturesque meadow.
  • pristine - clean and pure
    • I stepped through the pristine, white snow, my feet sinking slightly with each movement.
  • rejuvenating - restorative
    • Marie spent a rejuvenating day on the warm sand with the ocean lapping at her toes.
  • sparkling - shining, glittering
    • The sparkling morning dew lit up the grassy plains like a colony of fireflies.
  • spectacular - dramatically amazing
    • The sight of the endless golden desert before us was spectacular.
  • stunning - so beautiful that it leaves one speechless
    • Tiny droplets hit Marc’s face as the stunning waterfall cascaded down the jagged mountain rocks.
  • sun-drenched - covered in sunshine
    • The beach pebbles on the warm, sun-drenched island glowed as if from within.
  • sweeping - extending over a large area
    • I surveyed the sweeping forest from my place on the hilltop; not an inch of ground could be seen through the trees.
  • towering - immensely tall
    • From base camp, it seemed like we were surrounded by towering stone giants.
  • vast - expansive, endless
    • Even with the bright light from our boat, the vast ocean stretched on and on before us.
  • verdant - deeply green
    • The verdant hills shone like emeralds against the clear blue sky.
  • wondrous - incredible, awe-inspiring
    • The minute details of the honeycomb inside a beehive is mathematically wondrous.
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