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  • Two years after his marriage he became possessed of a copy of the Kabbalistic " Bible " - the Zohar of Moses de Leon.
  • It is, however, not a mere coincidence that the two great kabbalistic text-books, the Bahir and the Zohar (both meaning "brightness"), appear first in the 13th century.
  • The Bahir, a sort of outline of the Zohar, and traditionally ascribed to Nehunya (1st century), is believed by some to be the work of Isaac the Blind ben Abraham of Posquiêres (d.
  • The Zohar, supposed to be by Simeon ben Yohai (2nd century), is now generally attributed to Moses of Leon (d.
  • About 1685) wrote the historical work Qore ha-doroth (Venice, 1746), using Jewish and other sources; Jacob ben Hayyim Zemah, kabbalist and student of Luria, wrote Qol be-ramah, a commentary on the Zohar and on the liturgy; Abraham Hayekini, kabbalist, chiefly remembered as a supporter of the would-be Messiah, Shabbethai Zebhi, wrote Hod Malkuth (Constantinople, 1655) and sermons.

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