Sentence Examples

  • Clive Pearse visited the contestants on day two of the challenge to drop a bombshell - after finishing their rooms, they would be required to "present" the rooms "TV presenter style" to the judges.
  • Joy Division released their LP Unknown Pleasures in June 1979, establishing them with national music hotshots the New Musical Express (NME) and the late Radio 1 presenter John Peel.
  • In addition to rapper Ali G, Baron Cohen also introduced audiences to Borat (a Kazakhstan reporter) and Bruno (a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion presenter).
  • A Cardio Twist workout DVD featuring IDEA fitness presenter Brenda DyGraf, as well as the Thin, Trim and Tasty Meal Plan is included in the price.
  • After completing the work, the designers would have to present their rooms to the clients and the judges in their best "TV presenter" manner.