Sentence Examples

  • The medics were talking about looking in his pockets for an organ donor card.
  • President Harper more than once stated most categorically that contrary to prevalent beliefs no donor of funds to the university " has ever (1902) by a single word or act indicated his dissatisfaction with the instruction given to students in the university, or with the public expression of opinion made by any officer of the university "; and certainly so far as the public press reveals, no other university of the country has had so many professors who have in various lines, including economics, expressed radical views in public.
  • Being on the same floor as donor recruitment also ensures that the agents are always abreast of marketing activity.
  • You have the option of sorting the information table on the basis of donor atom, acceptor atom, lifetime or leave unsorted.
  • However, some hydrocolloids now contain an alginate, for example Comfeel Plus, making these more appropriate for small donor sites.

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