Sentence Examples

  • Modern theories date from the 18th century, when the humanitarian movement began to teach the dignity of the individual and to emphasize his rationality and responsibility.
  • But there has been considerable interference (ostensibly on humanitarian grounds) with the Jewish method of slaughtering animals for food (Shehitah) and the method was prohibited by a referendum in 1893.
  • We have seen, for example, that he was led to investigate the subject of logic because he found in attempting to advance his humanitarian schemes in politics an absence of that fundamental agreement which he recognized as the basis of scientific advance.
  • Current projects include IBM's World Community Grid, which describes itself as conducting "Humanitarian research on disease, natural disasters and hunger."
  • There are sites like where the government offers prizes for solutions to problems it faces, such as how to drop humanitarian aid into cities without it damaging anything or hurting anyone.

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