Sentence Examples

  • An Rh-negative mother who was exposed to her fetus's Rh-positive blood during a previous pregnancy or delivery or who has accidentally received an Rh-positive blood transfusion has antibodies against Rh-positive blood cells.
  • They may experience problems if given a blood transfusion, and therefore they should wear a Medic Alert bracelet or have some other way of alerting any physician who treats them that they have this disorder.
  • Overall, however, transfusion and desferoxamine therapy have increased the life expectancy of individuals with the most severe types of beta thalassemia major to the fourth or fifth decade.
  • The risk of transfusion (such as transfusion reactions, potential toxins, and infections such as HIV or hepatitis) are carefully weighed against the severity of the anemia in the infant.
  • Medical science has not been able to create a synthetic alternative for blood, so when an individual requires a blood transfusion, doctors must have access to blood made available through blood donations.