Sentence Examples

  • Programme were: (I) property qualification for franchise; (ii.) abolition of pay; (iii.) transference of some judicial powers.
  • On his father's transference to Berlin, as director of the mint, the boy was sent to the Joachimsthal gymnasium there; his brilliant talents, however, did not develop until later, when at the university of Konigsberg he fell under the influence of Kant.
  • POLLINATION, in botany, the transference of the pollen from the stamen to the receptive surface, or stigma, of the pistil of a flower.
  • 24-26; it possibly explains the transference of the rite from the bridegroom to the new-born son.
  • The phrase, "devil's advocate," has by an easy transference come to be used of any one who puts himself up, or is put up, for the sake of promoting debate, to argue a case in which he does not necessarily believe.

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