Sentence Examples

  • There are several articles on the site about transgender issues, as well as links to other websites that do offer personals and dating connections for the transgendered community.
  • The site seeks to cater to the entire transgender community, not preferring one segment of it over the other, as well as providing a supportive atmosphere where members can be comfortable with their gender and sexuality.
  • The Arquette siblings - Patricia's choices are usually unflattering, Rosanna is often underdressed, the only thing that looks good on David's arm is Courtney Cox, and becoming transgender didn't help Alexis' look.
  • The ABC News story stresses that Beatie as well as any transgender pregnant person should avoid taking testosterone during the pregnancy since the hormone can cause complications in female babies.
  • GLAAD has spoken up on the news, congratulating Chastity on his brave decision on how going public with it helps by "…advancing discussions about fairness and equality for transgender people."