Sentence Examples

  • Whatever it may have been in remote geological periods, it is now extremely limited both in size and numbers.
  • At a much more remote period also the great city of Lagash stood by or on its banks.
  • Now, in most places you can smoke in your car, in your home, and in remote places away from civilized people.
  • The esquires, knights, lesser barons, even the remote descendants of peers, that is, the noblesse of other countries, in England remained gentlemen, but not noblemen - simple commoners, that is, without legal advantage over their fellowcommoners who had no jus imaginum to boast of.
  • This phenomenon of what might have been taken for a piece of Umbrian text appearing in a district remote from Umbria and hemmed in by Latins on the north and Oscan-speaking Samnites on the south is a most curious feature in the geographical distribution of the Italic dialects, and is clearly the result of some complex historical movements.