Sentence Examples

  • Its Arabic title is Kitab ul'Ibar, wa diwan el Mubtada wa'l Khabar, fi ayyamul`Arab wa'l`Ajam wa'l Berber; that is, "The Book of Examples and the Collection of Origins and Information respecting the History of the Arabs, Foreigners and Berbers."
  • As the sole living resident of the underworld with human origins, Gabriel was often reminded of how different he remained.
  • In Texas, whence the name Comanchean comes, and where different parts of the system are of diverse origins, there is some limestone.
  • In the following pages we shall not attempt to do more than to sketch in very succinct outline the general results of investigation into the origins and growth of Hebrew religion.
  • The Teutonic tribes whose dim origins he records have in the course of centuries attained to world-wide dominion.

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