Sentence Examples

  • The leg wound from Shipton's flailing ice ax had been an eight-stitcher of no permanent consequence.
  • In consequence the special sciences and the wisdom of common life entangle themselves easily and frequently in contradictions.
  • 'Ethelred was expelled during the next year, perhaps in consequence of this event, andiElfwald son of Oswulf became king.
  • For eight-and-twenty ballots no change of any consequence was noticeable.
  • In 1879 C. Nageli formulated his well-known molecularphysical theory, which supported Liebig's chemical theory on the one hand and Pasteur's physiological hypothesis on the other: "Fermentation is the transference of the condition of motion of the molecules, atomic groups and atoms of the various compounds constituting the living plasma, to the fermenting material, in consequence of which equilibrium in the molecules of the latter is destroyed, the result being their disintegration."

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