Sentence Examples

  • Nothing is known of his parentage, birthplace or early life.
  • In the prose Lancelot his education is complete, he knows his name and parentage, though for some unexplained reason he keeps both secret, and he goes with a fitting escort and equipment to Arthur's court to demand knighthood.
  • Either one or both parents were foreign-born, and 18,232 were of German and 10,534 of Irish parentage, on both the father's and the mother's side.
  • 1889) came to the conclusion that the domesticated cat has a dual parentage, one stock coming from south-eastern Asia and the other from north-eastern Africa; in other words, from a domesticated Chinese cat (itself derived from a wild Chinese species) on the one hand, and from the Egyptian cat on the other.
  • ETIENNE VACHEROT (1809-1897), French philosophical writer, was born of peasant parentage at Torcenay, near Langres, on the 29th of July 1809.

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