Sentence Examples

  • On the scar are three prints, the central one alone representing the vascular bundle, while the lateral prints (parichnos) mark the position of merely parenchymatous strands.
  • The cortex, often sharply differentiated into sclerotic and parenchymatous zones, is bordered externally by the persistent leaf-bases.
  • In structure it is equally simple, being composed of parenchymatous tissue without any clearly marked conducting system.
  • A, The main anatomical features of a cycad stern a Spermatozoids may be summarized as follows: the centre is from G of fi occupied by a large parenchymatous pith traversed g; by numerous secretory canals, and in some genera c p onen-grain by cauline vascular bundles (e.g.
  • The pith is encircled by a cylinder of secondary wood, consisting of single or multiple radial rows of tracheids separated by broad medullary rays composed of large parenchymatous cells; the tracheids bear numerous bordered FIG.

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