Sentence Examples

  • Dean asked, not only trying to be polite but in hopes of dragging the conversation away from the occult, the celestial and the just plain weird.
  • He's a real fan of sci-fi occult, whatever that is.
  • Its fundamental idea consists in that which Vico, in his peculiar terminology, styles "poetical wisdom" (sapienza poetica) and "occult wisdom" (sapienza riposta), and in the historical process by which the one is merged in the other.
  • To suppose that all mythical stories are fables invented by the philosophers is to write history backwards avid confound the instinctive, impersonal, poetic wisdom of the earliest times with the civilized, rational and abstract occult wisdom of our own day.
  • From this, by the aid of civilization, reason and philosophy, there is gradually developed the civil, occult wisdom.

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