Sentence Examples

  • The idea of tracing the sun's path among the stars was, when it occurred to Chaldaean astronomers, an original and, relatively to their means, a recondite one.
  • A more recondite work is his Compendium of Spherical Astronomy (1906).
  • (t) The words of several verses in the Hebrew Scriptures which are regarded as containing a recondite sense are placed over each other, and the letters are formed into new words by reading them vertically.
  • But elsewhere there are few passages in which the extremely recondite harmonic style can be with certainty traced to anything but habit.
  • The good effects of " Faunal " works such as those named in the foregoing rapid survey none can doubt, but important as they are, they do not of themselves constitute ornithology as a science; and an inquiry, no less wide and far more recondite, still remains.

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