Sentence Examples

  • The idea of tracing the sun's path among the stars was, when it occurred to Chaldaean astronomers, an original and, relatively to their means, a recondite one.
  • A more recondite work is his Compendium of Spherical Astronomy (1906).
  • (t) The words of several verses in the Hebrew Scriptures which are regarded as containing a recondite sense are placed over each other, and the letters are formed into new words by reading them vertically.
  • Like all casuists, he took for granted that morality was a recondite science, beyond the reach of all but the learned.
  • The predominance of this somewhat recondite teaching gave to these epistles even more the character of treatises, which in the case of Ephesians is further enhanced by the fact that it is probably a circular letter addressed not to a single church but to a group of churches.