Sentence Examples

  • The age of the Son is the period of study and wisdom, the period of striving towards mystic knowledge.
  • The god, however, assumed the form of a stallion, and the fruit of the union was a daughter of mystic name and the horse Areion (or Erion).
  • Hugh's pupil, Richard of St Victor, declares, in opposition to dialectic scholasticism, that the objects of mystic contemplation are partly above reason, and partly, as in the intuition of the Trinity, contrary to reason.
  • The terms " apex mentis " and " scintilla " (also " synderesis"' or o"vvr'iip ats) to describe the faculty of mystic intuition..
  • However absolute a philosopher's idealism may be, he is erroneously styled a mystic if he moves towards his conclusions only by the patient labour of the reason.

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