Sentence Examples

  • The rival seer Calchas is said to have died of chagrin because the predictions of Mopsus were fulfilled, while his own proved incorrect.
  • Together with another seer, Amphilochus, Mopsus founded Mallus in Cilicia after the return from Troy; and in a quarrel for its possession both lost their lives.
  • (b) Another source of apocalyptic was primitive mythological and cosmological traditions, in which the eye of the seer could see the secrets of the future no less surely than those of the past.
  • Fra Silvestro on the contrary gave way at mere sight of the rack, and this seer of heavenly visions owned himself and his master guilty of every crime laid to their charge.
  • TEIRESIAS, in Greek legend, a famous Theban seer, son of Eueres and Chariclo.

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