Sentence Examples

  • Its function could determine the meaning of the symbols, since the most ancient Immortal writing is based on a complex system of symbolic context.
  • Ezekiel's style is generally impetuous and vigorous, somewhat smoother in the consolatory discourses (xxxiv., xxxvi., xxxvii.); he produces a great effect by the cumulation of details, and is a master of invective; he is fond of symbolic pictures, proverbs and allegories; his " visions " are elaborate literary productions, his prophecies show less spontaneity than those of any preceding prophet (he receives his revelations in the form of a book, ii.
  • The opening " vision " (i.), an elaborate symbolic picture, is of the nature of a general preface, and was composed probably late in the prophet's life.
  • There are several symbolic acts descriptive of the siege.
  • There follow a symbolic prediction of the exile (xii.) and a denunciation of non-moral prophets and prophetesses (xiii.) - though Yahweh deceive a prophet, yet he and those who consult him will be punished; and so corrupt is the nation that the presence of a few eminently good men will not save it (xiv.).

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