Sentence Examples

  • (A word found in Old English and Old Norwegian, from which come the Danish and Swedish words, and not in other Teutonic languages), originally a company of people, now mainly, except in figurative usages, of certain animals when gathered together for feeding or moving from place to place.
  • 22), suggested a figurative or typical application, first in Psalm ex.
  • At the same time we may find expressed in figurative language the germs of thoughts which enter into still newer doctrines of evolution.
  • Further, by maintaining that the elements are continually being combined and separated by the two forces love and hatred, which appear to represent in a figurative way the physical forces of attraction and repulsion, Empedocles may be said to have made a considerable advance in the construction of the idea of evolution as a strictly mechanical process.
  • His highly figurative language might leave us in doubt how far he conceived the higher stages of this evolution of nature as following the lower in time.

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