Sentence Examples

  • From the Adoption of Parabolic Teaching to the End of the Ministry in Galilee.
  • Could be reflected and converged by cylindrical parabolic mirrors.
  • Let the length of half the parabolic chain be called s, then 4.
  • It imitates the motions made in polishing a speculum by hand by giving both a rectilinear and a lateral motion to the polisher, while the speculum revolves slowly; by shifting two eccentric pins the course of the polisher can be varied at will from a straight line to an ellipse of very small eccentricity, and a true parabolic figure can thus be obtained.
  • A A is a concave parabolic mirror, whose axis a c is inclined to the axis of the tube a b so that the image of an object in the focus of the mirror may be viewed by an eye-piece at E, the angle b a c being tier equal to the angle c a E.