Sentence Examples

  • The Skraup reaction is a perfectly general one for primary amino-compounds; the halogen-, nitroand oxy-anilines (aminophenols) react similarly, as do also the toluidines, naphthylamines, aminoanthracene, metaand para-phenylene diamines, and orthoand 7-aminoquinoline.
  • It may be prepared synthetically by fusing meta-iodophenol, phenol meta-sulphonic acid, and benzene meta-disulphonic acid with potash; by the action of nitrous acid on meta-aminophenol; or by the action of 10% hydrochloric acid on meta-phenylene diamine (J.
  • It forms practically colourless needles which melt at 89.7° C., and boil at 302.8° C. It is used for the preparation of meta-phenylene diamine.
  • Meta-phenylene diamine.
  • Witt (Ber., 1877, 10, p. 656), is obtained by coupling phenyl diazonium chloride with meta-phenylene diamine.

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