Sentence Examples

  • It has to some extent the character of a secondary amine; the hydrogen of the imino group can be replaced by potassium.
  • The structural relations of these compounds may be shown thus: NH 3; NH2R; Ammonia; primary amine; NHR 2; NR3; NR41.
  • Secondary amine; tertiary amine; quaternary ammonium iodide.
  • Many methods have been devised for the preparation of the amines, the first amine having been isolated in 1849 by A.
  • The aqueous solution of the amines is now shaken up with diethyl oxalate, when the primary amine forms a crystalline dialkyl oxamide and the secondary amine an insoluble liquid, which is an ethyl dialkyl oxamate, the tertiary amine not reacting: (C02C2H5)2+ 2NH 2 R = (CO�NHR) 2 -{- 2C 2 H S OH; (CO 2 C 2 H 5) 2 -}- NHR 2 = C 2 H S O 2 C�Conr 2 -1-C 2 H S Oh.