Sentence Examples

  • PYRENE, C16H10, a hydrocarbon found together with chrysene in the last portion of the coal tar distillate, and also in "Stupp" fat.
  • The relation between the heat of combustion of a hydrocarbon and its heat of formation may be readily seen from the following example.
  • The hydrocarbon methane, CH 4, when completely burned to carbon dioxide and water, generates 213800 cal.
  • The hydrocarbon C20H42, for example, might be resolved into C5H12+C15H30, or CEH14+C14H28, or C7H16 +C13H26, &c., the general equation of the decomposition being C„1-1 27, ± 2 (paraffin) =G_rH2(, - P)+2 (paraffin)+C P H 2 n (olefine).
  • A large number of arrangements for carrying out the cracking process have been proposed and patented, probably the earliest directly bearing on the subject being that of James Young, who in 1865 patented his " Improvements in treating hydrocarbon oils."

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