Sentence Examples

  • FLUORENE (a-diphenylene methane), C 13 H 10 or (C6H4)2CH2, a hydrocarbon found in coal-tar.
  • Paschen proved that the emission spectra of water vapour as observed in an oxyhydrogen flame, and of carbon dioxide as observed in a hydrocarbon flame may be obtained by heating aqueous vapour and carbon dioxide respectively to a few hundred degrees above the freezing point.
  • HYDROCARBON, in chemistry, a compound of carbon and hydrogen.
  • The relation between the heat of combustion of a hydrocarbon and its heat of formation may be readily seen from the following example.
  • Starting with a solid hydrocarbon of definite composition, it would be theoretically possible to decompose it entirely into carbon, hydrogen, ethylene and methane, and, by rapidly removing these from the heating zone before any secondary actions took place, to prevent formation of tar.

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