Sentence Examples

  • It was investigated by Galileo, who erroneously determined it to be a parabola; Jungius detected Galileo's error, but the true form was not discovered until 1691, when James Bernoulli published it as a problem in the Aeta Eruditorum.
  • - The parabola affords a simple example of the use of infinitesimals.
  • 6) be any arc of a parabola; and suppose we require the area of the figure bounded by this arc and the chord AB.
  • - Geometrical constructions of the parabola are to be found in T.
  • Draw the tangents at A and B, meeting at T; draw TV parallel to the axis of the parabola, meeting the arc in C and the chord in V; and M draw the tangent at C, meeting AT and BT in a and b.

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