45 Math Puns That Are Better Than Pi Itself

Updated July 9, 2021
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    math pun farmer
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Math may seem like a serious subject, but it's not just full of problems! Math puns rely on a reader's basic knowledge of mathematics and appreciation for wordplay. Keep reading for dozens of math puns that are perfect for Pi Day, Mole Day or any other day when you want to arithme-tickle your funny bone!

Amusing Math Puns About Arithmetic

You may know that seven ate nine, but that's just because you need three squared meals a day! Check out these arithmetic puns that are perfect for basic math learners and elementary students alike.

  1. Why does the quarter get in less trouble than the dime? Because it has more cents.
  2. How did the farmer end up with 100 sheep when he started the day with 97? The sheepdog rounded them up.
  3. What do you call a number that moves all the time? A Roamin' numeral.
  4. Why did the police bring the number 13 in for questioning? It was the prime suspect.
  5. I'll stop at nothing to avoid negative numbers.
  6. Teenagers always travel in groups of 3, 5 or 7 because they're a little odd, and they can't even.
  7. What's the most disgusting number? 288 — it's two gross.
  8. Expert mathematicians have a hard time managing money and tasting new foods. They can binomial and trinomial.
  9. Why don't broken calculators have friends? Because you can't count on them.
  10. Which math tools are fans of agriculture? Protractors.
  11. Why is a hand never 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot.
  12. What animal is best at math? Rabbits — they're always multiplying.
  13. What did the denominator get arrested for? A minor infraction.
  14. What did the young equation say to its parents before moving to the big city? "I want to make sumthing of myself."
  15. What do you call a math teacher who tans easily? A sum-worshipper.

Giggle-Worthy Math Puns About Geometry

Don't break your angle running toward these geometry puns! See which math jokes are perfect for your next class, and which ones might be too obtuse.

  1. Why are angles under 90 degrees the most popular? Because they're so acute.
  2. I hate arguing with 90-degree angles; they're always right.
  3. Mathematicians are bad cooks because they always spill their food in the oven when the recipe says "Cook at 180 degrees."
  4. How do you know that parallel lines are vegetarians? They never meat.
  5. What's the warmest part of a room? The corners — they're always 90 degrees.
  6. Why did the mathematician return his pie to the bakery? They made it wrong — πr², not round!
  7. Why is geometry harder for people who don't exercise? Because they're out of shape.
  8. Why won't the student finish his coordinate geometry assignment after doing the rest of his math homework? Because graphing is where he draws the line.
  9. Why did Pi and the imaginary number get divorced? Because Pi wouldn't be rational, and the imaginary number refused to get real.
  10. How do you use math to remove a curse? Make the hexagon.
  11. Why wouldn't the triangle go on a second date with the circle? It was pointless.
  12. What's the circumference of a jack-o-lantern divided by its diameter? Pumpkin Pi.
  13. The angle got squished. Now it's a wrecked angle.
  14. What shape is an empty birdcage? A Polly-gon.
  15. Why aren't there many jokes about angles over 90 degrees? They're too obtuse.

Amazing Math Puns About Algebra and Trigonometry

The humor level in these algebra and trigonometry puns isn't variable! Take a look at more math puns that aren't too derivative.

math pun what shape is an empty birdcage
    math pun what is an empty birdcage
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  1. How did the detective figure out that the algebra teacher was a spy? She was always plotting something.
  2. Why are algebra's friends tired of talking to him? Because he's always asking them to find his x. (We don't know y.)
  3. A trigonometry teacher who spends all summer at the beach is a tan gent.
  4. Angles have a hard time getting a loan because they have no one to cosine.
  5. Mathematicians are great dancers because they understand algo-rhythm.
  6. Why did the plant in the square pot die? Its root disappeared.
  7. Why are mathematicians great lumberjacks? They know their way around the axes.
  8. What do you feed baby parabolas? Quadratic formula.
  9. Why did the failed mathematician get into so many car accidents? Because he was a terrible deriver.
  10. Why did the mathematician insist on a wood-burning fireplace? Because he preferred natural logs.
  11. Why don't people like movies about algebra? They're too formulaic.
  12. How did the politician use algebra to get elected? He promised to solve the inequalities.
  13. Can the mathematician skip trigonometry? Cosecant.
  14. The teacher frowned at my trigonometry test. It wasn't a good sine.
  15. How did the trigonometry teachers settle their fight? They let digons be digons.

Math Humor Isn't Odd

Getting a laugh out of logarithms is a nice way to appreciate math vocabulary. It's also great for breaking the ice in math class! For more school-specific puns, check out these science puns that will poke at your funny bone. From there, discover a few great book puns. You can also learn about the different kinds of puns with these explanations and examples of puns.