Sentence Examples

  • From the Adoption of Parabolic Teaching to the End of the Ministry in Galilee.
  • Could be reflected and converged by cylindrical parabolic mirrors.
  • The great variety in the apparent motions of meteors proves that they are not directed from the plane of the ecliptic; hence their orbits are not like the orbits of planets and short-period comets, which are little inclined, but like the orbits of parabolic comets, which often have great inclinations.
  • It follows that, by taking two ordinates in a certain position with regard to the bounding ordinates, the area of any parabolic trapezette whose top passes through their extremities can be expressed in terms of these ordinates and of the breadth of the trapezette.
  • In the case of the parabolic trapezette, for instance, xu is of degree 3 in x, and therefore the first moment is lh(xouo+4xlui-+x2u2).