Sentence Examples

  • While some people develop freckles from sun exposure at a very young age, others find freckles appear well into their adult years after sunbathing and exposing themselves to the sun without proper preventative sunblock.
  • While sunscreen won't diminish your marks, it is important to apply sunblock to any affected areas that will be exposed to the sun, particularly for new stretch marks or if you are currently treating them.
  • Unlike a traditional spray on or lotion sunblock, a spray on hair and scalp treatment makes sun protection easier than ever while combining soothing hair and scalp conditioners with a purposeful SPF.
  • No-Ad Children and Infant Sunscreens: No- Ad also offers gentle children's sunblock and an ultra-delicate infant sunscreen (approved for use in infants over six months), both in SPF 50.
  • A lot of heat escapes through the head and even on a warm day, it's good to cover the head after getting out of the water, especially if sunblock can't be reapplied at once.