Sentence Examples

  • It does not appear, however, that a regularly organized or numerous Orphic sect ever existed, nor that Orphism ever became popular; it was too abstract, too full of symbolism.
  • The idea of re-birth was in the air; it was the very keynote of all the solemn initiations and mysteries - Mythraic, Orphic, Eleusinian - through which repentant pagans secured pardon and eternal bliss.
  • Later Orphic hymns, however, and Herodas iv.
  • This phase of his character was developed by the Orphic poets, he having here the name of Zagreus (" torn in pieces "), and being no longer the Theban god, but a son of Zeus and Persephone.
  • In the Orphic cosmogony the origin of all goes back to Chronos, the personification of time, who produces Aether and Chaos.

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