Sentence Examples

  • Elisabeth was found in 1876 a fine mosaic in black on a white ground representing Orpheus in the midst of the beasts (Notizie degli scavi, 1876,181; 1877 309).
  • ORPHEUS, in Greek legend, the chief representative of the art of song and playing on the lyre, and of great importance in the religious history of Greece.
  • In accordance with this, Orpheus may have been originally a god of darkness; or the liberator from the power of darkness by his gift of song; or he may have been so called because his rites were celebrated by night (cf.
  • It is possible, but very improbable, that Orpheus was an historical personage; even in ancient times his existence was denied.
  • According to the best-known tradition, Orpheus was the son of Oeagrus, king of Thrace, and the muse Calliope.

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