Sentence Examples

  • Lewis, however, has shown that the fainter component of the binary system is often the more massive.
  • Intensity is zero, and this band is accompanied by a number of fainter images corresponding to the diffraction of a star image in a telescope.
  • There is for example some evidence that the declination of the solar apex is really increased when the motion is referred to fainter stars.
  • But their claims to be the principal authors of the Aegean remains grew fainter with every fresh Aegean discovery, and every new light thrown on their own proper products; with the Cretan revelations they ceased altogether to be considered except by a few Homeric enthusiasts.
  • The most complete hydrogen spectrum is that measured by Evershed 8 in the flash spectrum observed during a total solar eclipse, and contains thirty-one lines, all of which agree with considerable accuracy with the formula, if the frequency number n is calculated correctly by reducing the wave-length to vacuo.9 It is a characteristic of Balmer's formula that the frequency approaches a definite limit as s is increased, and it was soon discovered that in several other spectra besides hydrogen, series of lines could be found, which gradually come nearer and nearer to each other as they become fainter, and approach a definite limit.