Sentence Examples

  • C. 89, he writes, - "Mariners at sea, when; through cloudy weather in the day which hides the sun, or through the darkness of the night, they lose the knowledge of the quarter of the world to which they are sailing, touch a needle with the magnet, which will turn round till, on its motion ceasing, its point will be directed towards the north" (W.
  • In spite of the cloudy weather and the threat of rain, Dean ended the daylight hours listening to the hum of his bike tires on the country roads west of Parkside.
  • Dawn had come an hour earlier but only just managed to push away the shadows of night from the cloudy mountain hiding place that had become her home.
  • (1) The foe might be " a creation of his moral presentiment and assigned to the north as the cloudy region of mystery."
  • Cloudy amber maybe clarified in an oil-bath, as the oil fills the numerous pores to which the turbidity is due.

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